Look at the Stars

It was a good day. We were in a neighborhood and we had our own house. I was the owner by the way but we also had boarders. We were like a small group of friends decided to live together in that big house.

The backyard was filled with trees and the entrance had a nice passageway from the gate to the door. The over all interior was designed by my cousin and I didn’t know she could do such thing. She was a store manager and design is so far from her field.

Anyway, so I had a fixed gear bike and a bicycle frame there. I also had some friends to ride with but usually or most of the time, I ride alone. On our first days, we eat on our own but one day, I decided that we all eat on the table and invite a guest if ever one will come.

Then we sang and Sarah was there. I didn’t know Sarah can sing well. It was windy and it was always cold in our place. You won’t feel hot or anything because of the weather.

There was also that spot in our neighborhood where I go to because it’s so high. I brought my camera once and climbed up there to catch the moon. I was struggling to sit somewhere by the tree and hold on to something tight so I won’t fall to the ground. I could see the whole neighborhood there. It was a beautiful spot.

There was also a shopping mall there and the weird thing was every closing they releases their worm snakes to guard the mall. There were guards too but their responsibility was to pay attention to what the snakes were doing. We were freaking every time we see one worm snake wondering the streets but they were good on us because we frequently go there.

So that was it, it was windy and awesome to hangout with some friends on that house. It was a nice stay.


Peace, my friend

So this morning, I dreamed of a friend. A mortal enemy but I consider him still a lost friend. In my previous company, we had an argument. Actually, it’s just his problem solely and he just exploded and all his heartbreaks that he’s been keeping all the time went out of his mouth. Ever since that day we never spoke to each other. And I’m okay with that because some time after what happened he continued to harassed me at work. That’s why I considered him harmful and removed him in my social life.

But then earlier this morning, things were different. We saw each other and even work with each other in a same company that I don’t know of or not sure even. And then I initiated the conversation by asking if he’s still mad at me. He didn’t answer my question but instead talked to me and asked a few things about my current work and to our consultant who is also his officemate in the real world.

Then it ended and I knew that he already forgave me. That we already forgave each other. But that only happened in that dream. I wish it happened in the real world. As when that conversation ended, I felt peace in my heart. And it made me smile.

I hope all will be well.

A Sunny Day

There was you and a pool.
With you sitting beside it and
listening to the tune of Sitti's Para Sa Akin.

And there was me,
floating and facing the sun in the pool,
Looking at you.

You were so beautiful.
And I was just enough.

And there were people around us.
Observing our every move.
Waiting for you.

We were in Bicol.
I don't know how we end up there.
But it was just appropriate.

I was calling you.
Yet nothing to say.
Hesitated to ask.

You were astounding in every angle.
Picasso can't even deny.
Mona Lisa might be jealous too.

We were a bit lost.
I don't even mind.
Being with you was exceptionally enough.

Your sight was out of scope.
Wished we're looking at the same path.
Just hoping.

And the music stopped.
With you and I left.
Wondering what might come.

Then there was a flash.
And all has gone.

~ m b s