So I got to a room in the Novaliches mall. A big room. My highschool friends were there. It was a reunion. Most of us were guys. Only some of the girls in our batch were there. 

At first, I was so happy that time when I saw all of them. It’s been so many years since I saw them. Some of them I saw in the streets of the business districts, bump them in the mall and some sort.

So we sat in the chairs then after a while I was surprised that the event was gonna be sex fest or a sex orgy. I was schocked to see my friends sucking dicks of each other. And I was like what the hell guys, when did you become gay. Some of their cum even went to my skin. Shit man.

It was so vivid. I can see other people also hanging there and some random girls joining the fun. They were also having sex except for me. I was looking for a girl with a blonde hair to fuck. 

It was so vivid. I can still remember how they suck and fuck their assholes with dicks because they don’t have vaginas. I suddenly thought about it and perhaps maybe I should join the fun but I’m a fucking virgin and straight, and I don’t want to lose my virginity from one of my friends. Not tonight.

So I looked for a girl that would do oral on me. I went outside for a bit then when I came back, some more of my friends had just arrived with some blonde girls. I don’t know which to choose so I sat in a bench for a while. Watch my friends talking and laughing and greeting each other after a long time.

And then I heard a phone call.

I woke up then aswer it.


Triple Food Stand

You were the manager of the three food stalls. Despite selling three different brands, you’re still doing a pretty good job at everything. You look good and lively, and you never fail to make any of your customers be satisfied of your service.

We went there hoping for a good snack and surprised that your food is so good. You were smiling that captured us instantly but on my part, it makes me happy and inspired.

Then we found ourselves talking about your work and you began ranting. That’s why I asked what specifically are you ranting about. Then you smile sweetly because of what I told you.

“You’re the manager. You don’t have to feel bad besides you’re actually doing great. You just have to get a vacation. I know places. I think you should come with me.”

Then you just smiled more. 🙂

Welcome to MeY Dream Land!!

Hello. I see you’ve stumbled at my blog. Well, welcome to MeY Dream Land. It is a collection of stories that is according to my dreams and related dreams of others as well. MeY is originally my shortest nickname. I just made the letters “M” and “Y” pertaining to “My Dream Land” itself.

At first, I just want to share my dreams to my friends whenever we get together and then they told me that maybe I should write it out, blog it whenever I can just to document it. They find it amusing and amazing whenever I have the time to share it to them. They always said “Wow, you have such an amazing dream man.” like that.

And so these past few days, I’ve been dreaming of vivid dreams and I can remember it clearly even the ones that I dreamed of a few months back. It’s just fun to share it to people even the nightmare ones. Hehe.

That’s all. I hope you’ll have fun reading this blog for the next few days and weeks.

See you in dream land!