Fantastic Four

Earlier this morning, I had a dream. A very awesome and fantastic dream. Fantastic in a way that it is so considered a sci-fi because the characters in my dream, including myself, had powers. Just like members of the X-Men do have.

Let’s name the characters. Now I forgot some of them due to another dream that occurred after that so I’ll just invent a new one instead. My name is some kind of a Razor, our leader has a name like Prime. And the other guy with a long hair was Julius and the only girl was Isha.

So now let’s go to our definition of powers. I, Razor, have the power of the Flash, Jumper and the sharp sight of Hawkeye and later in the dream, I developed a great power, the power of Zeus, the Thunderbolt. Together with the Thunderbolt is a pole that I used to call my powers.

Prime, our leader, on the other hand is a master of strength and aura. He is the most strongest of us in terms of physical power and he also have the brains of a leader as he knows a lot of strategies. I was the most stubborn one by the way since I always make a move on my own and not relying on others.

Julius is like Blink in X-Men who has powers of teleportation and can also make teleportation portals as transport for other beings. He can also fly and has telekinetic powers.

Lastly, Isha is just a caring person and I don’t know what her other powers are. I just know that she can convince people easily.

Well, we have an enemy of some sort. Our base is an up-and-down house with a balcony on the 2nd floor overseeing the front yard. At the back is somewhat a training ground of our enemy but in the beginning it’s empty so we didn’t make a move anyway. Julius and Isha were missing at that time, they just came out of the blue when several enemies started to appear almost everywhere and we don’t know which ones to first attack.

There was a time that I have to roam around to see if there are nearby enemies around and luckily I was able to find one. She is an archer I think and I am a sniper. I don’t know how I did it but the pole that I used instantly became a sniper gun. But I wasn’t able to pierce a bullet to her since she move fast but my eyes can tracked her anywhere she goes. And the difficult thing was she can fly. And she was quick enough to run away from me.

And when I was on my way back to our base, I noticed that the training ground is populated with soldiers? And they’re so many of them and they’re armed. And so when I walk on our back yard, they spotted me and started to fire their guns at me. I was able to just kill three of them. LOL and it was pure luck since it’s hard to aim because all of them kept on firing and you have avoid the bullets. Well, I’m faster enough but I decided to just retreat and inform my leader.

When I got back, Julius and Isha were already there and they’re talking to our leader. And the leader said something about me, being the strongest one in the group because of my recently discovered power. But they still have to protect since I might hold the key to our triumph over our enemies.

The dream then was cut off. As I remember, I was wearing something of a cape colored dark blue and a dark pants too. I also have black gloves and a nice hair style and a nice combat shoes. Julius was wearing a red jacket, a white tank top underneath and a black pants. He also has a blonde hair. Isha was just a simple girl with a simple outfit portraying a goddess. Lastly, our leader was wearing a black tank top and a black cargo shorts. He was also wearing bracelets with silver thorns. And he has a mohawk hair style.

That’s all. I wish to continue that very awesome dream soon or later. I’m getting curious of what my real role was on that dream.

Cheers to more sci-fi kind of dream!



The Blue Balloon

It’s Friday and I just woke up this noon and it is sunny. It’s a jam packed dream actually and it’s also a fantasy dream. I can’t remember it perfectly but the most exciting scenes are still in my head.

It is about my father literally, who will be giving a speech about a certain community, which had raised a town with rich agriculture and plantations. The speech that he was about to give was held in the field. But before it, there were several productions or presentations that the townspeople showed. Among them was a traditional dance that they always do whenever they have night of entertainment and also a music playing through different musical instruments.

At first, it was fine and then suddenly a tragedy happened. There’s a pair of wood log which suddenly flew to us. There’s something wrong with it, I noticed. There’s some magic with it, I don’t know but I’m sure there’s something with it. And then it keeps on flying and that’s when I noticed that it was being controlled by someone who has powers within the tribe. And then it hit my sister and flew with her away. I panicked of course and asking the tribesmen if we can recover my sister but they insist that they can’t. So I got angry with them, then suddenly I got this power and it’s more powerful than they have.

Actually, the power they have is like having a bubble or balloon and fill it with air and then you can control that balloon or bubble and it’s yours now. So you can use it against anybody. So that’s what I end up doing. I still arguing with them about the recovery of my sister and I almost use my power against them and they felt weak with it.

Then I made a plan to recover my sister and the funny thing is, I’m doing it with Jiraiya of Naruto. HAHA. Well who cares, it’s just a dream anyway. So we stumbled into one of the nearby towns and it’s kinda creepy that I thought of leaving it immediately. But we noticed that there’s a fog surrounding it so I used my power for the fog to disappear and then poof, a lot of people appeared. The people that appeared were like the elders and they asked me if I am looking for something, then I said I’m looking for my sister.

And surprisingly, my sister was there and she wasn’t hurt after the tragedy. I believe that’s the power of the other neighboring town. The power to heal. At the end, I’m still able to use my powers and I use it to scare other people whom I’m angry at. But it’s fun, really.