This is the True Magic


Dreamt on 2013/9/26 – We were in an indoor garden and there were a lots of kids. They’re picking up flowers and leaves from the plants inside. They were happy. Then a magician came in and performed magic tricks to them. They became happier. But the enthusiasm needs to be improved.

So when the magician left, I went to their spot and said, “You want to see some real magic?”, and they all said, “Yes!”.

Then I waved my hands in the air and said, “This is the true magic.” Then suddenly, the flowers and the leaves all floated in the air and they were shocked and amazed. After a while, they started to smile and jump all around because of what they have seen.

I, with my power, let the flowers and leaves dance in accordance with a music in my mind. It surrounded the kids and flew above them and into the ceiling. They circled through the room. And I could hear were lots of laughter, of joy, of happiness coming from the kids. And it made me more happier than them. It made me more content and all I could do is just smile with my heart.


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