The Secret Project

Dreamt on 2015/5/12 – It’s a cloudy day on an open field. There’s a stage and the production crew is at left side of it if you’re facing the stage. There’s a projector screen on both sides. I’m with a friend. She’s one of the photographers and videographers for the event. Her gear consists of a full frame camera, a Go Pro and a laptop. It had rained a bit which made the soil a bit muddy. And so our shoes were covered by the mud so we have to cover our feet with plastic.

She’s not in the tech booth at that time. And I noticed her laptop is connected to the projector so I assumed she’s about to display something. So I decided to turn on the projector and play the video. The video presents something like a documentary of someone’s journey and how she discovers the culture of the towns he/she visited. And that’s when I noticed I found something she’s been secretly keeping that she told me before. And I remembered that she said she’s busy with this project of hers. So I thought that maybe the video clip that I accidentally played on the big screen is one of the clips that she had been filming.

Her secret project.

She’s happy though. And I’m kinda tired resting my arms in her shoulders. And it’s ashamed to know that it’s weighing her much. So I have to stand up on my own.


PS. I forgot this one but I could remember the picture of the stage, the mud and the projected film.


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