So I got to a room in the Novaliches mall. A big room. My highschool friends were there. It was a reunion. Most of us were guys. Only some of the girls in our batch were there. 

At first, I was so happy that time when I saw all of them. It’s been so many years since I saw them. Some of them I saw in the streets of the business districts, bump them in the mall and some sort.

So we sat in the chairs then after a while I was surprised that the event was gonna be sex fest or a sex orgy. I was schocked to see my friends sucking dicks of each other. And I was like what the hell guys, when did you become gay. Some of their cum even went to my skin. Shit man.

It was so vivid. I can see other people also hanging there and some random girls joining the fun. They were also having sex except for me. I was looking for a girl with a blonde hair to fuck. 

It was so vivid. I can still remember how they suck and fuck their assholes with dicks because they don’t have vaginas. I suddenly thought about it and perhaps maybe I should join the fun but I’m a fucking virgin and straight, and I don’t want to lose my virginity from one of my friends. Not tonight.

So I looked for a girl that would do oral on me. I went outside for a bit then when I came back, some more of my friends had just arrived with some blonde girls. I don’t know which to choose so I sat in a bench for a while. Watch my friends talking and laughing and greeting each other after a long time.

And then I heard a phone call.

I woke up then aswer it.


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