Peace, my friend

So this morning, I dreamed of a friend. A mortal enemy but I consider him still a lost friend. In my previous company, we had an argument. Actually, it’s just his problem solely and he just exploded and all his heartbreaks that he’s been keeping all the time went out of his mouth. Ever since that day we never spoke to each other. And I’m okay with that because some time after what happened he continued to harassed me at work. That’s why I considered him harmful and removed him in my social life.

But then earlier this morning, things were different. We saw each other and even work with each other in a same company that I don’t know of or not sure even. And then I initiated the conversation by asking if he’s still mad at me. He didn’t answer my question but instead talked to me and asked a few things about my current work and to our consultant who is also his officemate in the real world.

Then it ended and I knew that he already forgave me. That we already forgave each other. But that only happened in that dream. I wish it happened in the real world. As when that conversation ended, I felt peace in my heart. And it made me smile.

I hope all will be well.


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