A Sunny Day

There was you and a pool.
With you sitting beside it and
listening to the tune of Sitti's Para Sa Akin.

And there was me,
floating and facing the sun in the pool,
Looking at you.

You were so beautiful.
And I was just enough.

And there were people around us.
Observing our every move.
Waiting for you.

We were in Bicol.
I don't know how we end up there.
But it was just appropriate.

I was calling you.
Yet nothing to say.
Hesitated to ask.

You were astounding in every angle.
Picasso can't even deny.
Mona Lisa might be jealous too.

We were a bit lost.
I don't even mind.
Being with you was exceptionally enough.

Your sight was out of scope.
Wished we're looking at the same path.
Just hoping.

And the music stopped.
With you and I left.
Wondering what might come.

Then there was a flash.
And all has gone.

~ m b s