Feed The Negative

This is just a quick post of what I am experiencing lately in my dreams and it affects me easily. This is just a theoretical assumption of where do my dreams are coming from.

Lately, I’ve been having issues in my life and those were negatively charged. I mean, every negative event that is happening in me recently somewhat managed to pass through my mind and enter it when I’m unconscious in my bed. It seems that all these things have a great effect in my dreams. Just recently, I’m having an affair with my partner and I keep on texting her when I was able to wake up for a moment and sleep again and awake.

I was looking on my phone earlier this morning and every time I caught myself sleeping, I am dreaming of something that I think was negative. I was browsing her text messages to me and I noticed that it’s just short. I’m wondering why because in my dream, of course at first I didn’t notice that it was a dream actually,  I remembered that she’s sending me messages that are so long. And she’s threatening me in every text and I assure you all of her texts were negative. She’s like saying goodbye to me.

It’s like the worst that can happen between the two of us that was happening in my dream. I took noticed of it and I indulged in the sensation of it. The sensation of discomfort with the ideals being conjured in front of myself trapped in a world where anything could exist with just the thought of it.

I couldn’t bear it anymore that I woke myself up just to escape from it. I don’t know if I would claim it as a nightmare. A nightmare that portrays the worst of things that may happen to me or to us anytime.

A collection of negative thoughts that created something, a dream that would wake ourselves of the present situation. A dream that would make us realize that these things could happen if you’re not paying attention closely.

Don’t feed the negative.

When you sleep, just think of positive thoughts.

Happy thoughts.


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