The Short and Tall Mestiza Girls

This morning of February 28, when I was sleeping, I had two different dreams. The first one was about the hunted lady and the other one was about a young lady the same old as mine whom loves to play and have fun.

The first one as far as I remember was hunted by a group that threatens her family. So what did I do was I took her from her beloved family and told her the reasons why I did that. It was because I want to protect her and I’m worried about it so I have to help. I treated her as my girlfriend for the meantime so that when people would ask about it, I could tell them that she’s of my house.

But so as our relationship was just temporary, our feelings have grown to each other that it became real. It’s not good to hide our feelings to each other anymore. But still I have to protect her because I swore it.

Then there’s this one time that the group that threatens her family, came looking and searching for her everywhere. But then I resisted so I faced the so-called enemies. And they didn’t do something to me and my house because they were so scared. They were so scared because I am one of the siblings of the king that had a royal blood. So the enemies moved out and never to return again because they were disappointed that they wasn’t able to find the girl hiding in my house.

Then after that, our feelings to each other arise. We kissed. A passionate kiss given by our lips with both of our tongues touching. It is called torrid kissing just so you know. Then we lived happily after.

The other dream that I had with another girl. I don’t know her honestly but it felt like we’ve known each other for years. She’s so beautiful that I keep on staring at her. She’s very friendly and she always talk to me about such things.

We spent time together with some of our friends and we’re just having fun all throughout the day. Then we went home and rode the LRT. When we’re in the LRT, she’s so funny and she kept on smiling at me I dunno why. But that made me happy.

I still remember both of their faces. I wish that someday I could paint their beautiful faces. And of course, to meet them, specially the fun-to-be-with girl. ^_^