Sarah’s Childhood Memoirs

It’s a gloomy afternoon as I walk around the village. I saw this girl and I definitely know her. Hehe. I greeted her nicely, of course and I asked how is she doing now. She replied to me with a beautiful smile from her pretty face. Then we walk as we talked.

We’ve been to this awesome places that we never knew we both know. It’s a shocking news to the both of us to actually visited these places in our childhood life. In the playground, the stairs. I dunno what kind of stairs is that but I do know that it’s kinda long than the usual.

Anyway, we talked about our experiences playing in the park, chasing the flying butterflies and jumping from heights that a child can. I hope you know what I mean.

look o!

Then we talked about some topics regarding people and their opinions on others. There’s a lot of things that I told her like don’t be affected by the opinions of other people to her. It’s just merely a fact that they’re just jealous of what she have or in what she is. But still, life must be enjoyed. That sometimes these people also helps us define ourselves more deeper.

At the end of the day, we stumbled to one of our friends, Weng. He is a good man with an awesome attitude. I admire him, yes. Then he offered us a pair of fried chicken, cooked of course. Then we continued our conversation as the day goes on.


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