Reality in the Dream

Are we still talking about dreams here? I wasn’t able to make some posts about my dreams lately because of some sort of thing that I can’t picked any of the dreams that I have been experiencing in my sleep. It seems that those dreams would end happily and did also have a sad ending.

Whenever I am about to sleep, I dream. I dream of what I am going to dream about. I dream of the things that I want to have or that I may have in my life. I used to stare at the darkness and think about of making this specific dream that I always want to dream about but I can’t make it.

It is just a dream to be rich without anyone knowing it. It’s just like all of a sudden you’ve found a baggage in the street and when you open it, it’s full of dollar bills of hundreds and thousands. What would you do if that dream become a reality? What would the first thing that will come to your mind? How would you feel?

Regardless of what reality is that we often see is that these dreams have a little chance or probability that they will come true. But I’m not saying it never will. There’s still hope if you can do the impossible now. I mean, you can always take the next step instead of waiting for it to come right at your doorstep. You just have to take that leap of faith and courage that this dream would end right in your own way.

To dream is like to cherish the moment that you can still do it, that it is still possible. That anything you can ever think of is possible. That ‘impossible’ is just a word thrown by those who lack the strength to prove that anything in this world is achievable.

When you dream, you put the world under you. The world is not above you because it will always be right behind you. You can think of many things that would surpass your imagination. The manipulation of things that could end the domination this world is bringing in.

But in the end, you can always dream. Dream of the things that would bring happiness to you and to your life. The happiness that would take you out of the imprisonment of reality.

A dream, reality don’t even have.


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