Cipley and the Express Train

This dream happened just earlier in this afternoon in my sleep of course. And I enumerate to you the scenes that happened. Pardon me, for not connecting them. I just can’t. Thank you.

1st scene is I’m with my childhood friends, Kiko and Thogz, in their van Friendee and we are about to fetch Jhelo somewhere in UP Diliman. It’s so dark outside and raining but we have to go where Jhelo went because he needs company. At first, I asked them if Jhelo know that I’ll be with them but he didn’t that’s why I tried to hide somewhere in the van but I end up just sitting there and Jhelo did noticed of me when he gets inside. I don’t know why I’m doing that anyway.

2nd scene is when I’m in my room with Timothy Quiros. It is a huge room and not like the one that I have here in our house. It has two doors and one window. I have a personal computer back then and my things were so messed up. Then Char and his dance crew show up and was about to show some dancing in front of us but the fluorescent light was acting up so I asked Timothy to fixed it since he fixed one when we’re in grade school. And then, there it got fixed but Char and the rest of the crew decided to just rest and talk with us. By the way, Char is one of my friends in the CFC Youth For Christ Communications community and she’s a dancer of Believe Dance Crew.

3rd scene is when I’m with her in this express kind of train and it’s very fast just like the bullet train in Japan but the interiors were just like what we have here in LRT, in Manila. We were talking about this company that she would applied to because she needs money at that time and she’s convincing me to join her because of the privileges and benefits that the company offers.

The name of the company was Cipley and I noticed that almost all of the passengers in the train were employees of them. Then we’re talking and I said to her that when you get to have work of course you get to be paid but in return you risk your health and time because you’ve got to work for eight hours in a week and you need to value and budget your time as well. Then she got a phone call from someone I don’t know.

And then I looked at the badge of one of the employees in Cipley and I tried to remember it and here what I’ve got. I tried to make it using the Adobe Photoshop CS6 and charing, 

I present to you their logo. I even tried to search for that company in Google but I failed to look for one and the nearest company is named Chipley. Hell that’s so close. Anyway and then the express train suddenly accelerated in an amazing speed. And as soon as we arrived I ask one of the employees where their building is located and she said that it’s in N2Z building. And yeah, I don’t know where that is. I also noticed that not all the passengers whom are also employees of Cipley did not took off the train and somebody said that they are classified to different departments and that departments have their own buildings situated in different locations in the city.

Yeah. Hell it was a dream. And it was just short but it seems like a week in there. That’s all that is about my dream. I hope you enjoyed reading it despite my wrong grammars. Hehe.

It was a very informative dream with an advanced technology going on with it. I would like to see it again when I sleep later.

See you around folks.


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