I’m Backing You Up

It’s Saturday and I just slept this before lunch because of having less hours of sleep if you know what I mean. I slept at 3:00 AM again this morning and waking up at 8:30 I guess. so that’s nearly 5 hours. Anyway, just this morning at 10AM I got asleep again and I had an amazing dream.

It was a action-packed actually. It was like I’m in a game together with some of my friends as comrades and other team members. Maybe because I always play UberStrike online that I end up having this dream.

My Uber Stats

Of course in a game there’s a team leader, there are also medics, snipers, and whom that are equipped with heavy machine guns or artilleries. But in this case, I’m an all around player and surprisingly I only have two guns. But those guns were pathetic, I mean, the first gun is like three-in-one that it can be a sniper rifle, a machine gun and guess what, a flame thrower. Amazing, isn’t it?

The other gun is only a machine gun but it is a specialized one. I can’t give the exact details but yeah, that’s it. I became friends with my other team members specially to that woman who always backing up. She’s beautiful and sexy and has huge boobs. Well that was what I noticed, sorry for the word. But yeah, she’s supportive and when I’m in trouble she’s always there at my back.

She also accompanies me whenever I need help with something like my clothes. Yes, you can choose any clothes that you want if you have that kind of money to afford it. Yeah, just like in the online games. I told you.

Anyway, it was great, indeed. Our enemies are zombies and evil-like creatures. And the setting of the gameplay is dark and the only light are coming from our guns and flashlights. I had fun aiming and sniping the enemies and I had an accuracy of 80% when it comes to sniping. I also supported other team members of course, we’re in a team right?

It was a great fight indeed. And I forgot to ask her name even though it’s only a dream. But there’s no names in a dream unless otherwise you already know that person that was included in your dream. By the way, she is dressed with a guerrilla pants and blue large shirt and she has short hair down to her shoulders only and she’s equipped with a machine gun and medics.

That’s all. I’m hoping to have that dream again. Maybe I should create one.


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