The Blue Balloon

It’s Friday and I just woke up this noon and it is sunny. It’s a jam packed dream actually and it’s also a fantasy dream. I can’t remember it perfectly but the most exciting scenes are still in my head.

It is about my father literally, who will be giving a speech about a certain community, which had raised a town with rich agriculture and plantations. The speech that he was about to give was held in the field. But before it, there were several productions or presentations that the townspeople showed. Among them was a traditional dance that they always do whenever they have night of entertainment and also a music playing through different musical instruments.

At first, it was fine and then suddenly a tragedy happened. There’s a pair of wood log which suddenly flew to us. There’s something wrong with it, I noticed. There’s some magic with it, I don’t know but I’m sure there’s something with it. And then it keeps on flying and that’s when I noticed that it was being controlled by someone who has powers within the tribe. And then it hit my sister and flew with her away. I panicked of course and asking the tribesmen if we can recover my sister but they insist that they can’t. So I got angry with them, then suddenly I got this power and it’s more powerful than they have.

Actually, the power they have is like having a bubble or balloon and fill it with air and then you can control that balloon or bubble and it’s yours now. So you can use it against anybody. So that’s what I end up doing. I still arguing with them about the recovery of my sister and I almost use my power against them and they felt weak with it.

Then I made a plan to recover my sister and the funny thing is, I’m doing it with Jiraiya of Naruto. HAHA. Well who cares, it’s just a dream anyway. So we stumbled into one of the nearby towns and it’s kinda creepy that I thought of leaving it immediately. But we noticed that there’s a fog surrounding it so I used my power for the fog to disappear and then poof, a lot of people appeared. The people that appeared were like the elders and they asked me if I am looking for something, then I said I’m looking for my sister.

And surprisingly, my sister was there and she wasn’t hurt after the tragedy. I believe that’s the power of the other neighboring town. The power to heal. At the end, I’m still able to use my powers and I use it to scare other people whom I’m angry at. But it’s fun, really.


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